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Ethical Superstore

March 16, 2016

We're delighted to announce our recent partnership with Spark Etail (Ethical Superstore). Our new listings mean you'll find Woodbuds - wood earphones available across a range of online stores including:

  • Operating ethicalsuperstore.com - a leading UK consumer webshop for fair trade, organic and eco-friendly merchandise currently featuring over 5,000 products. 
  • Operating naturalcollection.com - a multi-award winning ethical lifestyle mail order catalogue and online shop.

The team at Spark Etail select high quality 'ethical' products that have a positive impact on people and / or the environment.  From Fairtrade and organic grocery shopping to energy efficient gadgets and unique ethical gifts that directly benefit the people who made them. 

They select products from leading ethical brands as well as supporting independent traders and producers across the world

In order for a product or brand to be sold by Ethicalsuperstore.com, it must have established ethical credentials in at least one of the following areas:

•    Fair Trade
•    Organic
•    Eco Friendly
•    Health and Wellness promotion
•    Education and awareness building
•    Locally Produced
•    Charity

We're delighted to be working wit the team and look forward to developing our supply and visability over the next few months. 

Expedia Wanderlust

March 16, 2016

Expedia's travel blog takes you on a journey around the world, experiencing flavours, festivals and flights of fancy. As the world’s largest online travel company, they help you discover and experience what's out there so you can check off that bucket list and turn dream trips into reality.

Every seasoned traveller knows that it’s not the things you pick up on your journey that count, but the memories. Nevertheless, you can always present your wanderlusting friends with gifts that’ll make their journey just a little smoother, more fashionable and more memorable.

We’ve made of list of gift ideas for him and for her that are – great for travelling but are also useful at home; and also great or friends who are happy simply dreaming of adventures from their living rooms. If they’re collecting great creations from around the world, they’ll love these. Add it to your list of ideas for birthday gifts, christmas gifts, and just-because-i-love-you gifts.

"A good pair of headphones are absolutely crucial to drowning out all those awful noises on an airplane. A crying baby won’t make it past Woodbuds’ handmade headphones, which are made from strong walnut wood. Purchasing a pair, you’re doing good for the earth as the UK-based company donates a portion of its sales to environmental protection via 1% for the Planet, and they plant one tree for every 100 products sold through The Woodland Trust."

You can check out the rest of the feature over at Expedia just here.

TechCrunch Gift Guide

December 14, 2015

Gift Guide: 9 Excellent Back-Up Gifts For All The People You’ll Undoubtedly Forget

Every year it’s the same. You shop, you cross name after name off of your list, only to be handed a perfectly wrapped present by that one person you never expected to exchange gifts with. You’re empty-handed, palms sweating, with nothing to offer in return.

It would put a damper on any happy holiday. So this year, take a different route.

The team at TechCrunch rounded up nine gifts that are sure to be a hit (no matter the recipient) without breaking the bank, and featured our range of colourful wood earphones.

They added "Almost everyone has earbuds, whether they are standard Apple earpod fare or something a bit more intense, but very few people have stylish earbuds. Woodbuds, with noise-isolating design and relatively good sound for the price, come in a number of colors paired with wood, and include a flat-cable cord"

Thanks again to the team at TechCrunch.

Merci Paris

December 14, 2015

Nous arrivons à Paris

It's always a great feeling to see our products and the Woodbuds brand expand globally. We've worked hard to create a unique product and working alongside independent design retailers is what this journey is all about. 

It's fair to say we were excited when we had an email from the buying team at Merci in Paris about listing our range of Woodbuds - Wood Earphones in-store.

To give you a brief background Merci was created in March 2009, in the heart of the historic Haut-Marais district. The founders, Bernard and Marie-France Cohen, realised that Paris lacked a place which brought together the best in fashion, design, household goods, and friendly eating options.

Merci's aim is to bring together, under one roof, products and customers who traditionally have not had the chance to meet : vintage furniture, contemporary creations, emerging new fashion brands, recognised collections; impulse buys, or much rarer pieces, sometimes in limited editions.

Merci is nestled in the heart of the historic quarter of Paris known as the Haut Marais (in English: Upper Marais).

Lying between the Bastille and the Place de la République, it's a district which echoes the Merci spirit, eclectic and open. Artists, architects, designers, journalists and professionals from the world of fashion and design have chosen to stay call this district home, for work and play, and give a very special energy to this little part of Paris, which has kept its village-like charm.


November 19, 2015

Did we Fly or Die?

Who would have thought, little us featured on the largest Technology website in the world - TechCrunch.

Pretty crazy for us to reach this audience and a proud moment for the team here. In case you're not aware TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.

Founded in June 2005, TechCrunch and its network of websites now reach over 12 million unique visitors and draw more than 37 million page views per month so that's why it's a big deal for us here.

We were featured in a challenging test called 'Fly or Die' this is a format where new Tech and Gadgets are reviewed by in-house experts and given a review, you guessed it a 'Fly' or 'Die' you can see the video just here:

Thankfully we got a 'Fly' - it's amazing for us given the size of the team we have here at Woodbuds. We're proud to go up against some of the mighty audio brands that get tested on this platform and prove we can deliver good sound - Thank you to the team at Tech Crunch and Jordan Crook for making this happen.


Liberty London

November 01, 2015

We're delighted to announce our new partnership with Liberty London. It's an exciting time for us and just the partnership we'd hoped for since we began this journey. We simply can't wait to to link up with the fantastic team at Liberty London in July and see our colourful range of wood earphones on display in store & online.


Our exclusive partnership with Liberty marks our first Major High Street retailer and we couldn't have asked for more. Liberty captures a unique sense of style and offers shoppers a carefully curated and design led collection so we're so proud to be selected by their team for AW15. As Arthur Liberty said “I was determined not to follow existing fashion but to create new ones” to be part of this retail heritage is very special for us.

Woodbuds will be exclusivly available in store at Liberty and online as part of their AW15 collection (July) come and find us in-store this Christmas.


Protect and Preserve

October 15, 2015

We believe about protecting what's important, so we're delighted to launch our new range of wood cases for the iPhone 6. It's taken us some time but we're finally happy with the cases we've created and the quality of our finished product.

The distinctive design combines superior strength quality, premium feel, with a small carbon footprint. The new range includes 3 case styles, Pattern, Logo, and our Adventure case. Each one is uniquely designed by our team here at Woodbuds and crafted in the UK.

Our new wood iPhone cases are lightweight, made using natural wood and crafted the right way, and like all our products designed to make a difference.

We're looking forward to seeing our cases used to naturally protect and preserve some tech that's become so important.

The Sunday Times

June 22, 2015

What a special Sunday.

Before we even started our journey with Woodbuds and developing our brand we were always inspired by some of the start-up stories we would catch on TV, online and in the papers. Chris is a Sunday Times guy, many a Sunday morning has been spent reading up on the latest start-ups, projects, that are busy bringing ideas to life especially in the Small Business section of The Sunday Times.

So you can well imagine our delight to be featured as a lead in a recent article around Brands and Start-ups with an eco and environmental focus. The title of the article 'Listen Up: you can go green and prosperthe feature focused on our journey to date, our ethos and environmental awareness, our passion to design a product that can make a difference and our recent supply agreement with Liberty London. 

We are so grateful for the support we've had for the brand and product we've created, thank you to Emma Broomfield at The Sunday Times for featuring our business and for all the customers around the world that have bought our product, made a difference and joined the journey.


June 22, 2015

Our site is awarded an Honourable Mention by the team over at Awwwards.

Awwwards are the top Website Awards that recognize and promote the talent and effort of the best developers, designers, brands and web agencies in the world.

The team at Awwwards are on a mission is to discover, recognize, and promote the talent and effort of web designers, developers, and agencies that create unique digital experiences that are useful, innovative, intuitive, and beautiful - so we're delighted to be listed alongside many of the brands and designers that inspire us.

To be awarded an Honourable Mention is a great step for our team here that spent countless hours refining our site in-house alongside our Developers - the Honourable Mention Award is only gifted to websites awarded 6.5 or above and the sites then take pride of place in the Honourable Mentions section online. What makes this nomination even more special is that the judging process is rigorous and the evaluation system is run by renowned design and creative leaders from the web industry.

It's all in the detail

June 05, 2015

Crafting our cards was time well spent. When we add to our product, like everything, we work to refine the detail, to define the difference. When we recently started adding our brand cards to our packs we wanted to create something that had real feel and illustrated our attention to detail.

We've met some great people on our journey so far and it's great to work with people that share our ethos - Cotton Letterpress are a local printers based in Leeds that recently revived the Letterpress side of their business. They've  been printing since 1938, using Letterpress right up to the mid 80's when they moved over to cheaper high volume Litho the way industry swings, but taking time to look around their premises you're immersed in a printing past. Drawers of the original letter blocks remain, a sign of days gone by, tools of a common trade now deemed an art.

Their original 1958 Heidelberg Windmills have now been beautifully restored to deliver tight register, crisp deep impressions and truly impressive results. Letterpress is achieved by inking a raised surface, in this case a photopolymer plate, which is then pressed against the paper to transfer the ink. This differs from more modern print processes where the ink sits on the surface of the paper with much less tactility. Letterpress bites deep into the surface leaving an impression and aesthetic that is truly unique, best of all to touch.

This method of printing is a true craft, an art. Andy has been a printer for over 35 years, his first 10 spent letterpressing. There is something special about seeing Andy dusting off his cap and getting back to his roots. Watching him and the machine at work is a true moment of motion. The rythmic sound of the press repeats as he controls, adjusts and makes it tick.

The result is a simple, small beautifully formed card. For many it's not much, to us it's defining the detail. It's ours and it matters.
Printed on 540gsm G • F Smith Colourplan Mist it looks and feels great. As we say, 'It's all in the detail'.

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