Theo Paphitis picks us

#SBS Winners - Small Business Sunday

We had a great start to this week, on Sunday we entered Theo Paphitis' Small Business Sunday, on Monday we were announced as one of the 6 winners this week.

Small Business Sunday, shortened to the hashtag #SBS on Twitter, was created by Theo Paphitis in October 2010. Theo is best known for appearing on Dragons Den on BBC Two, he's softened a little since then. 

Each week Theo reviews and chooses his favourite lucky 6 who are then re-tweeted. Theo has over 400,000 followers, so it provides a boost to the chosen lucky businesses on the social channels.

We're chuffed, in fact we're very proud that Theo selected us as an #SBS Winner, it's fantastic recognition for us and great to be part of the #SBS community. We're a small team and put all we have into what we do at woodbuds so this support is massive.

Over the past day or so since winning our Twitter feed has gone pretty crazy, but we like crazy and we really like winning. Let's see what the rest of this week brings.

Thanks Theo.