We feature on DesignBoom

Following the New Year we were picked up by some of the leading design style blogs on the web. It's an amazing feeling for a small team like us to see our work featured by well respected folk around the world.

Founded in 1999, designboom is the world's first and most popular digital architecture and design magazine. Media is still the connective tissue of society, and compared to 1999, the internet developed incredibly, creating a digital publication was still primarily the business of tech-savvy but online publishing has gone from something abstract to being a central element in how many of us live and work. today, when people are searching for something, they’ll simply look it up online.

Today Designboom is the most comprehensive source with over 33,000 articles worth of useful information and insightful interviews, studio visits, documentation of new products, reviews of exhibitions and books, and historical surveys. Designboom is the most popular web-destination for architects and designers worldwide.

The feature on our unique naturally crafted wood earphones, has helped us expand our reach that little bit further online. You can read our feature online just here