Designing Details

Protect and preserve. 

When we started designing a range of colourful wood earphones we worked to ensure our product was unique, each set of woodbuds is different, the grain, it tells a story. Much like the adventures of the people that buy our products, each is unique. From the very first day it's made us smile to see where you take your woodbuds - we're lucky to create a product that is in many ways universal, almost cross-platform, our wood earphones work with all devices from iPhone to Android, customers can take us with them anywhere they like.

It was time to improve an area of our product to help protect our products. It was clear that our wood earphones were being taken far and wide so we worked to design and create a new cotton drawstring pouch.

Our cotton drawstring pouch is beautifully handmade from 100% cotton. Each pouch is hand stitched, screen printed by hand and we include one with every set of earphones.

Take us with you.