It's all in the detail

Crafting our cards was time well spent. When we add to our product, like everything, we work to refine the detail, to define the difference. When we recently started adding our brand cards to our packs we wanted to create something that had real feel and illustrated our attention to detail.

We've met some great people on our journey so far and it's great to work with people that share our ethos - Cotton Letterpress are a local printers based in Leeds that recently revived the Letterpress side of their business. They've  been printing since 1938, using Letterpress right up to the mid 80's when they moved over to cheaper high volume Litho the way industry swings, but taking time to look around their premises you're immersed in a printing past. Drawers of the original letter blocks remain, a sign of days gone by, tools of a common trade now deemed an art.

Their original 1958 Heidelberg Windmills have now been beautifully restored to deliver tight register, crisp deep impressions and truly impressive results. Letterpress is achieved by inking a raised surface, in this case a photopolymer plate, which is then pressed against the paper to transfer the ink. This differs from more modern print processes where the ink sits on the surface of the paper with much less tactility. Letterpress bites deep into the surface leaving an impression and aesthetic that is truly unique, best of all to touch.

This method of printing is a true craft, an art. Andy has been a printer for over 35 years, his first 10 spent letterpressing. There is something special about seeing Andy dusting off his cap and getting back to his roots. Watching him and the machine at work is a true moment of motion. The rythmic sound of the press repeats as he controls, adjusts and makes it tick.

The result is a simple, small beautifully formed card. For many it's not much, to us it's defining the detail. It's ours and it matters.
Printed on 540gsm G • F Smith Colourplan Mist it looks and feels great. As we say, 'It's all in the detail'.