The Sunday Times

What a special Sunday.

Before we even started our journey with Woodbuds and developing our brand we were always inspired by some of the start-up stories we would catch on TV, online and in the papers. Chris is a Sunday Times guy, many a Sunday morning has been spent reading up on the latest start-ups, projects, that are busy bringing ideas to life especially in the Small Business section of The Sunday Times.

So you can well imagine our delight to be featured as a lead in a recent article around Brands and Start-ups with an eco and environmental focus. The title of the article 'Listen Up: you can go green and prosperthe feature focused on our journey to date, our ethos and environmental awareness, our passion to design a product that can make a difference and our recent supply agreement with Liberty London. 

We are so grateful for the support we've had for the brand and product we've created, thank you to Emma Broomfield at The Sunday Times for featuring our business and for all the customers around the world that have bought our product, made a difference and joined the journey.