Merci Paris

Nous arrivons à Paris

It's always a great feeling to see our products and the Woodbuds brand expand globally. We've worked hard to create a unique product and working alongside independent design retailers is what this journey is all about. 

It's fair to say we were excited when we had an email from the buying team at Merci in Paris about listing our range of Woodbuds - Wood Earphones in-store.

To give you a brief background Merci was created in March 2009, in the heart of the historic Haut-Marais district. The founders, Bernard and Marie-France Cohen, realised that Paris lacked a place which brought together the best in fashion, design, household goods, and friendly eating options.

Merci's aim is to bring together, under one roof, products and customers who traditionally have not had the chance to meet : vintage furniture, contemporary creations, emerging new fashion brands, recognised collections; impulse buys, or much rarer pieces, sometimes in limited editions.

Merci is nestled in the heart of the historic quarter of Paris known as the Haut Marais (in English: Upper Marais).

Lying between the Bastille and the Place de la République, it's a district which echoes the Merci spirit, eclectic and open. Artists, architects, designers, journalists and professionals from the world of fashion and design have chosen to stay call this district home, for work and play, and give a very special energy to this little part of Paris, which has kept its village-like charm.