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Gift Guide: 9 Excellent Back-Up Gifts For All The People You’ll Undoubtedly Forget

Every year it’s the same. You shop, you cross name after name off of your list, only to be handed a perfectly wrapped present by that one person you never expected to exchange gifts with. You’re empty-handed, palms sweating, with nothing to offer in return.

It would put a damper on any happy holiday. So this year, take a different route.

The team at TechCrunch rounded up nine gifts that are sure to be a hit (no matter the recipient) without breaking the bank, and featured our range of colourful wood earphones.

They added "Almost everyone has earbuds, whether they are standard Apple earpod fare or something a bit more intense, but very few people have stylish earbuds. Woodbuds, with noise-isolating design and relatively good sound for the price, come in a number of colors paired with wood, and include a flat-cable cord"

Thanks again to the team at TechCrunch.